Monday, 6 June 2011

Follow ups for ESI Grips

I took my son to Wairakei MTB park this morning and tried my new grips. ...Not bad. Not bad at all. The steering feels a bit quicker, easier to control on sharp switch backs, I THINK.


Why do I feel like that?

 I forgot I had canecreek ergon bar ends before, now I have an extra 2cm on each side of the handlebar. That's why.

The grips are very nice though. Right thickness, just enough to absorb the incoming shocks. Remember, I have bouncy tyres but no shocks!!

I wouldn't mind to get another pair of these, they are highly recommended.

(There are 2 types of ESI grips available  in NZ, the one I'm using is called racer's edge, the other one is chunky.)

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