Monday, 6 June 2011

ESI Grips

I have been using ODI lock-on grips the last 5 years, loved it! absolutly loved it. However, it's always stuck in the corner of my mind that I would like to give something different a shot. 

These grips are made of 100% silicon, and only 48 grams a pair! AMAZING!! which saves at least 100grams on the pugsley. Who cares...?? yeah, it's too late, she is already over 16kg!!!

To install these, an air compressor is normally used, blast the air into the grip and put them on. I had a compressor, technically, bought it from the local supercheap auto shop and it was faulty!! and returned it. Can't believe it ah? me either.... Anyway, this time I used a brake cleaner to lubricate inside of the grips and slid them on. This is perfect stuff to use on this type of job, but watch out! Some cheap cleaners contain 50% water, which doesn't evaporate straight away.

The bike handles so light, I think... The grips themselves are a lot skinnier than ODI ones I've been using, but seems OK with gloves on. My son and I are going to ride tomorrow, I'll report then.

Purple bike with orange grips. Crazy bike in outstanding colors ah?

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