Monday, 6 June 2011

Best bakery in town

Yeah, Yeah Yeah..... I know it's Pak n Save. But believe it or not, they are by far the best bakers in town. I have been living in Japan for a long long time and I was a chef, ate thousands of yummy sweets over there. Trust my taste buds!! They are soooo good. Cream buns, muffins, danishes..... you name it. You never get disappointed and ripped off there, the price..... My eyes are always popping out! They are so cheap!!

We tried Coffee & Walnut cake today (huge cake, about 20cm long), and only $4.60! They are not making much money from it!), it was perfect. Yes, just perfect. Sponge was silky smooth, soft and moist, coffee iceing was just right "coffee" flavour.

I don't know what your nearest Pak n Save bakers are like, but here in Taupo they are definitely the winner.

 Full of walnuts inside, yum......

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