Monday, 27 June 2011

Finally winter has come...

It has been quite chilly the last few mornings, finally snow has appeared on the mountains and Kaimanawa Ranges.
Alpine Meadow at Turoa ski field seems to be opening tomorrow, hopefully the weather stays nice and cool for a while for other facilities to open.
I've been water blasting the roof and fixing a few plug points, keeping myself busy to get more browny points to go fishing soon :p 

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Previously on plumbing...

 I was busy doing other bits and pecies, this plumbing job was left alone. However I got the parts for it this morning from a local shop and finally I'm on to it!

What I did was simply took off the broken mixture valve and installed a 100mm brass pipe instead. There was no need for the mixture valve to be there!!! Shower and the hot water tap in the sink in this particular unit have their own mixture systems.


So......What kind of SPECIALIST put it on to start with???

Anyway it's all fixed and this unit is now ready to sell.


Friday, 17 June 2011

Sometimes I'm a plumber...

This is a photo of the top of the hot water cylinder in one of the units.
Our cleaning ladies told me this morning, the hot water tap is not quite hot enough.

The tank is positively producing hot water, but the 3 way junction temperature controller (what's the name of it?? The silver part in the photo, which seems to be responsible to mix hot and cold to produce the right temperature water) seems to be the problem.

I fiddled with it for a while and I'm now very positive that this is busted!!!!!

The plumbing shops here in Taupo are all shut for weekend, this mission has to be waived for Monday...

We have over 50 taps on the property, we would be bankrupt if we called a plumber for every occasion.

But tell you what..

When I'm stuck with a problem, there is always............. GOOGLE.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

ph + TLC = ...

How many people actually know how hard it is to keep spa water in perfect condition??
We take a sample bottle full of water to the pool/spa specialist to get checked every 2 weeks to make sure we are providing a safe environment for our guests.
This morning I took the sample to Taupo Pool World Ltd for the routine check up... and above is what I got. This is from the accumulation of our proper daily check ups and attitude to our facilities.

We now proudly announce our spa pool is well maintained and safe as usual.

Don't forget to bring your togs next time you stay with us, come to the office and get the key! We even have towels for you, too.

Get soaked!!!

Friday, 10 June 2011

What a day...with a special gift

Damm... it's not a nice day today in Taupo, has been raining constantly since early morning. But another day has to start, never mind.
After we did our morning routine, well, that's like changing towels and making beds, cleaning showers and toilets in the units, Cathy the Chef baked yummy chocolate-chip muffins. Those people who are staying with us at the moment or even who's just reading this blog, come and see us and try it!

You want to have the receipe??? Bring yours and Cathy will swap it with hers..... I think.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Customised Google Map

View How to get to Mountain View Motel?? in a larger map

Our guests sometimes ask where are you??

Simply click the link shown right under the map, it will give you ideas for the easiest and shortest way from your home.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Stretch your legs.

Our guests sometimes ask us to recommend what to do for a couple of hours to fill up their spare time. Jet boating? Bungy jumping? Well, what can they do without spending money?
There are heaps of activities in Taupo, which you don't even have to take your wallet out of your pocket. I took my kids down to the lake front the other morning, and biked to the place called Wharewaka Point.
This track is very well maintained, nicely paved and both sides are grass fields for most of the way.
It's a share-track, which you can either bicycle or walk.
We toddled all the way to the end and came back, took us 1 hour and a half. There are few playgrounds on the track, therefore not only for serious walkers, but also for those who have little children.
When you have had enough shopping or had a hard night out drinking the day before, this might be an option to reset your body and the wallet.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Best bakery in town

Yeah, Yeah Yeah..... I know it's Pak n Save. But believe it or not, they are by far the best bakers in town. I have been living in Japan for a long long time and I was a chef, ate thousands of yummy sweets over there. Trust my taste buds!! They are soooo good. Cream buns, muffins, danishes..... you name it. You never get disappointed and ripped off there, the price..... My eyes are always popping out! They are so cheap!!

We tried Coffee & Walnut cake today (huge cake, about 20cm long), and only $4.60! They are not making much money from it!), it was perfect. Yes, just perfect. Sponge was silky smooth, soft and moist, coffee iceing was just right "coffee" flavour.

I don't know what your nearest Pak n Save bakers are like, but here in Taupo they are definitely the winner.

 Full of walnuts inside, yum......

Follow ups for ESI Grips

I took my son to Wairakei MTB park this morning and tried my new grips. ...Not bad. Not bad at all. The steering feels a bit quicker, easier to control on sharp switch backs, I THINK.


Why do I feel like that?

 I forgot I had canecreek ergon bar ends before, now I have an extra 2cm on each side of the handlebar. That's why.

The grips are very nice though. Right thickness, just enough to absorb the incoming shocks. Remember, I have bouncy tyres but no shocks!!

I wouldn't mind to get another pair of these, they are highly recommended.

(There are 2 types of ESI grips available  in NZ, the one I'm using is called racer's edge, the other one is chunky.)

Taupo DeBretts

Any ideas for good activities on a rainy day? Taupo DeBretts is the perfect solution for it! There are 2 large 100% natural thermal pools, kids splash-playgrounds with a water slider. On the other side, there are 12 private pools, water temperature is between 38 degrees and 41 degrees stated on each door.

Fees are $20 for an adult, $88 for a family of 2 adults and up to 4 children.

However, however, however... 

DON'T TELL ANYBODY, WE HAVE SPECIAL VIP VOUCHERS FOR OUR GUESTS, it gives an exclusive price of $15 for an adult, or $45 for a family day pass (Let me remind you again, they are normally $88!) which even includes hydroslide access!!!!! Whaaaaat a deeeeeeeal!!!!!


.....Another good reason to stay at Mountain View Motel.

ESI Grips

I have been using ODI lock-on grips the last 5 years, loved it! absolutly loved it. However, it's always stuck in the corner of my mind that I would like to give something different a shot. 

These grips are made of 100% silicon, and only 48 grams a pair! AMAZING!! which saves at least 100grams on the pugsley. Who cares...?? yeah, it's too late, she is already over 16kg!!!

To install these, an air compressor is normally used, blast the air into the grip and put them on. I had a compressor, technically, bought it from the local supercheap auto shop and it was faulty!! and returned it. Can't believe it ah? me either.... Anyway, this time I used a brake cleaner to lubricate inside of the grips and slid them on. This is perfect stuff to use on this type of job, but watch out! Some cheap cleaners contain 50% water, which doesn't evaporate straight away.

The bike handles so light, I think... The grips themselves are a lot skinnier than ODI ones I've been using, but seems OK with gloves on. My son and I are going to ride tomorrow, I'll report then.

Purple bike with orange grips. Crazy bike in outstanding colors ah?

Signals are all green

Parts are arriving slowly, I popped into the shop this morning, hubs and rims were there!! Hee Haa!! Hope everything gets here by next week. Man! I'm getting excited!!!
But I'm still deciding which cog to get. Some real steep uphills are so tough even with 21T, but then 22T could be too spinny for the rest of the area. I don't know..... Guess just get 21T and push up those knee breaking hills.