Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Creation is...

First of all, I would like to make a disclaimer that I didn't know such a fly tying tool existed, thought it could be handy to make one. (YES yes, I know, there is a tool called a magic tool, but I want have a more simple, easy to use tool for myself.)

I went to stationery warehouse this morning, and bought these big clips to make the fly tying tool for myself. Luckly, the clips were in the plastic case which I also needed for the project.

What I did was ...

I cut the plastic case in these shapes, looks like duck beaks.

Once cut up, it's time to glue them onto the clips.
UV glue comes in handy for this type of job (of course I don't have to wait for long!!!)

Only a moment to get hardened, let's test them!

I can imagine so many ways of using this tool, this time I grabbed a strip of antarctic fox.
Hold the material like this, and...

Cut the skin off, and...

Put them into a dubbing loop. Don't forget to wax the thread!!


Spin it with dubbing twister.
So far so good.
When finished, tie the material on the shank.

Beautiful isn't it!! and it's so easy!!!

Remember I made 2 of them, one has a shorter beak.

The shorter one is ideal for shorter material, such as rabbit fur.

Do the same thing, spin and hackle to make the head.

It's sooooo easy, and makes a beautiful fly.

Those clips were only $2.90. What a creation ah!?!? I have heaps more of those useful ideas, I'll tell you when I'm onto the next project.

Keep tying these flies and...   It's swing time :)


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